The FinTeam Guarantee


Our passion toward the financial success of your business is built
on the belief that you should be

  • Satisfied with our services

  • More financially aware of your business strengths and opportunities

  • At a better place financially

    Dedicated Customer Service

    This company knows how to help startup's with burn rates and help them project cashflows. Most importantly they articulate this well for Investors. FinTeam is dedicated and customer service is friendly and cost effective.

    Vishay Singh CEO of Bizology Group, LLC.


    The FinTeam Guarantee

    Before any financials are reviewed or business strategy discussed, FinTeam signs a non-disclosure agreement with your business. This gives you peace of mind that nothing we discuss will be shared with others.


    The FinTeam Guarantee

    Instead of paying an hourly rate, fixed pricing options are available for easier budgeting and confidence of availability.


    The FinTeam Guarantee

    To ensure there are no misunderstandings, FinTeam will sign a Statement of Work with your business. This contract will spell out your expectations of our services.

    Let’s start a project together.