National. Experienced.

A native of Central VA, Jamie Reynolds has spent over 22 years in various Finance and Operations Leadership roles with companies such as: Toys "R" Us, Georgia-Pacific, Electrolux, FLIR, and Genworth Financial.

His keen insight into Business Analytics, along with his love for Financial Analysis, allowed him to not only determine organizations' decision-making needs, but to also develop the financial tools and models crucial to making those decisions.

At Toys "R" Us, Jamie was a pioneer in the business analytics field, building a small 7-member team of business analysts in the southeast market creating financial and operational analytics and reporting. Jamie's people leadership experience continued as he was asked to lead multiple Accounting and Operations teams with other Fortune 500 organizations.

Jamie holds a Bachelors degree in Operations Management and an MBA in Finance. As a stress reliever and source of joy, Jamie loves taking care of his pool, grilling out, and spending time with his wife and three kids. Oh, and there's also the occasional craft beer!


Meet the Founder

Jamie Reynolds, Founder and Director of Operations

FinTeam Business Consulting was started in Lynchburg, VA as a solution for companies in need of a business financial edge. Though we provide common consultation services and make recommendations to our business clients, we are not a traditional business financial consulting firm. As the saying goes, “A consultant is someone who borrows your watch and then charges you to tell you what time it is!”

That is not us!

We at FinTeam get our hands dirty, acting as a partner in your business. helping you build forecasts, budgets, and financial models for decision-making. FinTeam will even help you save money and improve performance by participating, or even leading, negotiations with vendors. We do all of this with small to mid-size businesses; We help sole-proprietors get a new business started on the right foot, provide solutions to small and mid-size companies with financial questions/problems, and assist mid-sized organizations with tools designed for business decisions at their scale.

We want our clients to succeed, grow, and become more profitable. That is the passion that motivates us, excites us, and drives us every day!

FinTeam is your business financial team. Start with us today!