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Transition Planning

Business transition planning helps owners prepare for ownership or leadership changes, like retirement or M&A


Create a financial roadmap by month for the next 12 months of your business operations

Cash Flow Planning

Create a plan to manage cash flow while sustainably growing your business

Financial Projections

Forecast the next 3 years of your business’s financials, including P&L and cash flow

Monthly Financial Review

Understand the story of your business, what is going well, and what needs improvement

Pricing Analysis

Evaluate pricing strategy and find areas of improvement in pricing and margin


At FinTeam, we’re fractional CFOs, but we think of ourselves more as CFOOs (Cash Flow Obsessed Officers). Our services and objectives are all centered on helping your firm generate, manage, and increase cash flow prudently.  

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  • Working with Drake has been an awesome time - I don't know if there's anyone his age who has impressed me with his level of professionality, intelligence, humor and servant heartedness like he has. Truly a wonderful fella - if anyone needs a fractional CFO I highly recommend Drake and FinTeam Business Consulting.
    Sam BellMarketing Manager at Integrated Technology Group
  • Drake is genuinely enthusiastic about my business. You can see it in his actions and words – he's genuinely rooting for my success. He's not just about the numbers; he's made some great introductions and keeps me informed about things that could affect the business.
    Kim Cruickshanks - Cooking Gift Set Co.
  • Drake is proof-positive that youth and enthusiasm does on occasion co-exist with wisdom! I love that he simplifies financial complexities for our whole team so that we can get everyone rowing in the same direction!
    Paul Meadows - Integrated Technology Group


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