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Small & Mid-Size Companies

We work with small and mid-size companies and sole-proprietorships. In many organizations, the corporate finance team is often understaffed, unfortunately. This leads to frustrated and underserved business partners. FinTeam Business Consulting solves for this by partnering with these leaders, in conjunction with their finance team, to deliver extensive financial support. This support is often in the form of financial models, business analysis and vendor negotiations.

Visibility & Clarity

In working with Jamie and his team at the FinTeam, we have gained the visibility and clarity we need to plan wisely for the continued growth of Beacon Wealth Consultants, Inc. Outsourcing duties to a fractional professional, in this case CFO, is one of the best things we have ever done.

Rick Laymon, CFP, AIF, CKA Founder of Beacon Wealth Consultants, Inc.

Many smaller businesses are started by one person or a group of people with a strong skill or talent in a particular area, such as a law firm, medical office, plumbing company, etc. With a skillset in another area, often these businesses need assistance ensuring they are making good financial decisions. FinTeam fills this void by helping develop a budget, forecast profitability, explain financial results, and offer business insights to these groups and individuals.


  • Business Valuation
    Know the value of your business for the purpose of selling or acquiring funding
  • Budgeting
    Create a financial roadmap by month for the next 12 months of your business operations
  • Cash Flow Planning
    Create a plan to manage cash flow from business income and investments to operational and financing activities
  • Financial Projections
    Forecast the next 3 years of your business’ financials including P&L and cash flow
  • Monthly Financial Review
    Understand the story of your business, what is going well and what needs improvement to keep a financial pulse on things

FinTeam Programs

  • Monthly Financial Review includes Income Statement and Balance Sheet Analysis.
  • Cash Flow Planning includes a Cash Flow Plan, Analysis and updated Forecast.

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