What is the Drake Check?

Do you ever ask yourself these questions:

  • “How is my business actually doing?”
  • “Are we going to be okay?”
  • “Is my bookkeeper doing a good job?”
  • “I’m paying a lot in taxes, but don’t have money to pay myself. Why?”

This is a formalized deep dive into your business to answer those questions.

We will evaluate your financial situation, determine your current risk level, and identify key areas of improvement.

What Will We Evaluate?

We’ll take your financials and do a lot of math to determine the health of your…

  • Financial leverage (debt, leases, and financial obligations)
  • Operational leverage (what costs can you not cut in case revenue falls)
  • Profitability (are your operations making money)
  • Cash Flow (how much money do you make and how much of that do you keep)
  • Accounting Processes & Procedures (are there errors, miscategorized transactions, or other issues in your books)

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