Training to sharpen your financial edge


Here at FinTeam, we want all our clients to be financial superstars. That's why we offer a variety of business financial training courses covering all aspects of the financial landscape.

All classes are roughly two hours and can be done in person or online. Class sizes range from 5-40 attendees.



TP101 - Financial Statement Analyses I: Intro to Financial Statements

What makes up the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flow, and how are they used.

TP102 - Financial Statement Analyses II: Financial Relationships & Ratios

How do the three financial statements relate to each other and what can comparative ratios tell us.

TP201 - Budgeting & Forecasting Processes

Learn various methods for building business budgets and financial projections.

TP202 - Developing KPI's and Rewarding Business Performance

How to identify key metrics that drive the business and get buy-in from the team.

TP301 - Sensitivity Analysis

Develop templates and basic models for what-if analysis.

TP302 - Capital Budgeting

Develop models for the purpose of analyzing investment opportunities.

TP401 - Business Valuation Methodologies

Learn several common approaches to determining a business's value.

SA101 - GAAP Revenue Reconciliation

Learn appropriate accounting procedures for recognizing revenue, regardless of industry.

SA201 - Contribution Margin and Transfer Pricing

Learn how to evaluate profitability of product/service changes across an organization.

SA301 - Price/Volume/Mix Analysis

Dig deeper into what is driving revenue and how to grow margin.





EC101 - Controllable vs. Non-Controllable Expenses

Breaking down expenses into areas where you can make the most impact.

EC201 - Variable vs. Fixed Expenses & Modeling

How to forecast expenses with changing prices, seasonality and other sales drivers.

EC301 - Capacity Models

Learn how to ensure your team is appropriately staffed.

EC401 - Product Cost Accounting and Overhead Methodologies

A detailed look at cost drivers and assigning other costs to each product/service.


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